FoxP2 takes its name from the creativity gene that has mutated in human beings over the last 50 000 years. It's the gene most singularly responsible for the advancement of mankind. The gene that allows us to innovate. To adapt. To be creative.

The freedom to mutate. 
In Joburg.


Founded on the belief that creativity is often the most-undervalued tool for business, FoxP2 Johannesburg is a young independent driven by the power of insightful strategic thought beautifully expressed. We love results. We love our people. We love difficult things and the freedom of independence. And above all, we love to hate bullshit.


The FoxP2 Joburg Gene Pool

These are our people. They make us who we are. We love them. A lot.

The FoxP2 Lab

Our finished offices. A fusion of vintage laboratory and swedish restraint. 
Co-designed with Tom Karpinski.

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