FoxP2 takes its name from the creativity gene that has mutated in human beings over the last 50 000 years. It's the gene most singularly responsible for the advancement of mankind. The gene that allows us to innovate. To adapt. To be creative.

Justin Appointed Creative Circle Chairperson

Justin has been selected to represent the South African creative industry as Creative Circle Chairman over the next two years. The Creative Circle is a non-profit organization made up of the industry's top creative thought leaders and is tasked with pushing creative excellence within South African advertising. A great achievement, second only to his Chairmanship of The Lentil Curtain Music Club. Watch his interview here:

Saf and Heidi's Young Lions Entry

Our kits (that's a fancy word for young Foxes) turned around an ad for the Young Lions Awards that could see them winging it all the way to the 2014 Cannes Awards. The brief from Cinemark was for a cinema ad encouraging young people to vote on May the 7th. The catch? Entrants had 48hrs to turn it around. Here's holding opposable thumbs. 

Don't Get Movie FOMO

Shot by Grant De Sousa of Embassy Productions, this campaign for Ster-Kinekor shows how missing a movie with your mates could seriously affect your social standing. Conceptualised by Ryan and Alex, it marks the debut of an actor we think is going to get used a whole lot in the future... you saw him here first.

"It Ain't Final Till It's On Vinyl." The FoxP2 Record Library Is Officially Open.

Hey Foxes,

There's a great quote from Lee Clow's beard, "In a world so fluid, you have to stand for something solid."

And I've really come to appreciate what vinyl represents in an age where music has become so disposable - you can rip all the music off some-one's hard drive in minutes without ever collecting any of it yourself and you can delete it just as easily. 

But vinyl. Now there's a commitment. You have to think what you want to collect and then track it down. 

If you find what you're looking for, you have to wait till you get home to play it.  You get to take the record out the brown paper bag, hold the album artwork in your hands, remove the record from its gatefold sleeve, place the stylus on the vinyl - carefully, so as to not let the needle slide off the outer circumference and then you get to hear a few seconds of crackle leading up to the first track on the album you have committed to.

So I hereby  declare the FoxP2 Record Library officially open.

Each Fox will get to order one album for the FoxP2 Record Library and this album will stay in the library till the ends of time with a sticker bearing your name on it. 

Please let me know which album you're committing to and I'll place an order with my vinyl dealer as they become available.


FoxP2 Shows Its DNA At 2013 Loeries

FoxP2 finished the Loerie weekend with one Grand Prix, three golds, two silvers, six bronzes and two craft certificates.

The big winners were Ster Kinekor and, two clients with a similar penchant for buying brave creative work. Says Justin Gomes, FoxP2 Cape Town ECD, "We're not the biggest agency, but we're forty people who really believe in what they do. We attract clients who believe in the power of creativity and it was great to see their bravery rewarded over the weekend." 

The Grand Prix winning radio campaign, "Death doesn't have to try very hard" talks about death in a way other Life Insurance companies don't feel comfortable and builds on the previous radio campaigns featuring the distinctive Frank voice.

The gold-winning Ster-Kinekor TV ad shot by Dean Blumberg of Bouffant Productions leads towards a suspense-building finale that is then withheld from the viewer, followed by the title, "Some things should only be experienced on the big screen." The ending could only be seen on Ster-Kinekor big screens around the country.

Says FoxP2 Group MD, Charl Thom, "It's great to see the work come through like it did this weekend, but 54 Loerie finalists from a forty-person agency is an achievement in itself. It's testament to the consistent quality of work we produce for our clients as well as the calibre of people under our roof.  While we'll never be able to compete with the mercenary pay cheques offered by the bigger agencies, we can work hard to create a culture where people want to come into work every morning to do the best work of their lives. More and more people want to work for companies they can believe in, rather than just get paid in."

Click here to view the Loerie-winning work for, Ster-Kinekor, Masterlock, Property24 and National Geographic Kids.

The Property24 Casting Tapes

140 000, views and counting, the "Property 24 Casting Tapes" viral is an extension of the popular "House Hunting in the eighties" campaign. It's the directorial debut of the outrageously named Peri Van Papendorp and we thought he did a rather good job, so be sure to give him lots of work. And yes, that is Gypsy's sweater. Nominated For D&AD Pencil

We’re proud to announce this hard-working radio campaign for that includes two – yes count them – two SMS numbers, has been nominated for a Yellow Pencil at the D&AD awards. Although it’s one of only seven radio ads nominated, the team has been warned you’re more likely to click on a banner ad than win a Yellow Pencil.

Here's one of them for your listening pleasure.  

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