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Creative Circle Award Of The Month for Garagista Beer Co "Tears of the Hipster"

We launched Garagista Beer Co. to the market with an “Anti-Hipster” campaign that aimed to take craft beer back from the hipsters. This left a few hipsters feeling rather sad.

With the Cape Town Craft Beer Festival approaching, we needed to make Garagista, a newcomer to the craft beer scene, stand out amongst the clutter and more established brands.

So we created a special new Limited Edition brew just for the festival, and named it “Tears of the Hipster”. 

We then created a series of posters that informed the public about this new beer, its special ingredient, and the unusual methods we used to gather the hipster tears. 

Garagista “Tears of the Hipster” was the most sought after and talked about beer at the festival, with more online mentions and engagements than any other brand. 

It sold out in 2 days and was voted best-named beer of the festival. 

There was so much demand for the beer, Garagista decided to make “Tears of the Hipster” a permanent product in its range.