FoxP2 takes its name from the creativity gene that has mutated in human beings over the last 50 000 years. It's the gene most singularly responsible for the advancement of mankind. The gene that allows us to innovate. To adapt. To be creative.

FoxP2 Ends The Ugly With Superbalist is an online retailer that curates the very best in fashion, tech and décor.

They wanted to raise brand awareness, and drive new consumers to their site over the festive period. A time for giving…and receiving ugly gifts.

We needed to break the cycle. 

With the help of 5 carefully chosen online influencers, we launched “The End Of Ugly” movement.

We then launched a series of online videos that showed the demise of ugly things, and challenged consumers to do the same.

Entries came in and people started to end the ugly, one nasty gift at a time.

The campaign generated over 150,000 views, increased brand awareness, drove new customers to the site, and helped Superbalist record their most profitable festive season yet.

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