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CREATIVE CIRCLE AWARD OF THE MONTH FOR Garagista Anti-Hipster Integrated Campaign

Garagista Beer Co. was new to the South African craft beer market, a market synonymous with hipsters. With minimal budget we needed to create a launch campaign that put this new beer on the map and get people talking about this newcomer craft beer. So we told them Garagista wasn't for them. It started with a set of posters. We then released an online video of a hipster mob hijacking Garagista's first batch of Limited Edition Craft Beer. We then recruited the broader public to help get our craft beer back. Entries came in and we responded with videos showing the precious beer being retrieved just in time for the official launch. Having spent only R10,000 in paid media, we generated over R25 Million in Earned Media, and got an online reach of over 79 Million. Turning Garagista into South Africa's most sought after craft beer.