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"It Ain't Final Till It's On Vinyl." The FoxP2 Record Library Is Officially Open.

Hey Foxes,

There's a great quote from Lee Clow's beard, "In a world so fluid, you have to stand for something solid."

And I've really come to appreciate what vinyl represents in an age where music has become so disposable - you can rip all the music off some-one's hard drive in minutes without ever collecting any of it yourself and you can delete it just as easily. 

But vinyl. Now there's a commitment. You have to think what you want to collect and then track it down. 

If you find what you're looking for, you have to wait till you get home to play it.  You get to take the record out the brown paper bag, hold the album artwork in your hands, remove the record from its gatefold sleeve, place the stylus on the vinyl - carefully, so as to not let the needle slide off the outer circumference and then you get to hear a few seconds of crackle leading up to the first track on the album you have committed to.

So I hereby  declare the FoxP2 Record Library officially open.

Each Fox will get to order one album for the FoxP2 Record Library and this album will stay in the library till the ends of time with a sticker bearing your name on it. 

Please let me know which album you're committing to and I'll place an order with my vinyl dealer as they become available.


Lance DanielsAgency Culture